Confident in Luther’s words that the only requirement to rightly receive the sacrament of Holy Communion is faith in the words, “given, and shed for you, for the remission of sins,” (Luther’s Small Catechism) we also believe that one benefits from time spent in reflection and study on those words and what faith in them truly means. For this reason we offer classes to prepare individuals to receive their First Communion. While this often occurs in the winter of 5th grade, many families and individuals are prepared to first receive the sacrament at other times. We encourage all interested to speak with Pastor or Nick if they feel prepared at a different point.

For all participants, there are generally 3-4 classes, including a Communion “retreat”, that help prepare for receiving the sacrament. Participants will also be responsible for making their own “Communion Banner” that will be hung in the sanctuary on the date of their 1st Communion and is theirs to keep.

As one of only two sacraments in the Lutheran church, Holy Communion instruction is a very special time in the life of an individual. Not only do we spend time instructing the individual as to the significance of the sacrament and what it offers to us, but we also incorporate family into this and seek to make the entire process of Holy Communion preparation a communal, familial exercise. This is an important, and intentional, goal of the classes and retreat.

1st Communion

If you have any questions or would like to participate in First Communion, either as part of a larger class on February 12, 2017, or individually, prior to that date, please contact Nick or Pastor Elizabeth .

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