Memorial’s Registration is now closed.

However, you can still register “at-large”. 

Memorial’s week-long campers (completed grades 4-12) will participate July 30-August 4, 2017.

Seeds campers (completed grades 2-3) will attend WAPO July 28-30, 2017.

New this year, One-Day campers (completed grades 1-4) attend July 26.


Each year, children are encouraged to participate in summer camp at Camp WAPO. There are various camp options ranging from those completing 1st grade, all the way to those who have just graduated.

Seeds are the youngest overnight campers (completing 2nd or 3rd grade) and go to camp from Friday until Sunday.

Youth Camp is for children completing grades 4-9.

Tim Team offers a leadership training experience for youth have completed 9th-12th grades.

There are also options for those completing grades 4-12 at Ox Lake, a separate WAPO site located just a few miles down the road from WAPO’s office.

You can find a great deal more info about the programs and the camp itself at

All registration is now done online and may be found HERE. Below is provided a brief walkthrough of registration:

1. Access registration page

2. Click on create new account, or enter login info.

3. Create a new account inputting the information requested.

4. Upon logging into the registration portal, you will be asked to input parent information. Click “Save and Continue” when completed.

5. Input child’s registration information. You will need to have all data, including insurance/doctors/dentist information, as you cannot save a partial registration.

Memorial offers scholarships to all of our participating kids. Weeklong campers receive $100, Seeds receive $50 and our one-day campers receive $5. Please be sure to let the church office know you have registered so we apply your scholarship.