A small group serving for two months at a time to be the hands and feet of Christ. This group will serve those in need within our church community and in the St. Croix River Valley. Serving on a caring ministry team will allow each person/family to connect in a meaningful way with one another and our neighbors.

Team Leader
Serve as liaison and communicate between church office and team. Team leads are chiefly responsible for timely communication, integrity in communication and creativity in response.

Team members
Serve as the hands and feet of Christ! Team members are responsible for timely responses to their team lead with willingness to care, serve, gather, pray etc. Team members will hold confidence as needed and be honest with their team about their own stresses and limitations.
All people, all ages are welcome to serve.

How will it work?
Each team will meet one time each month the team is serving. During the meeting the team will hear from Pastor and team lead of opportunities to serve. The team will pray together and commit to supporting and communicating with each other throughout the month of service.

One hour meeting each month of service
Communicating with team via email/phone (as needed)
1-5 hours of service and growth a month

Contact Pastor Elizabeth if you are interested in serving on a caring ministry team!