Church Council Minutes
April 25, 2017
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Meeting Location: Adult Ed. Room Downstairs


Church Council Present:  Marit Bjork, Kathy Brooks, Jill Chezik, Elise Winter, Julie Kadrie, Mike Miller, Cathy Muckala, Barbara Twisk

Council Members Unable to Attend:  Bill Ryan, Denise Clymer

Staff Present:  Pastor Elizabeth Damico, Nick Bannon, Scott Prunty

Marit Bjork called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM

Opening Devotion Jill Chezik

Council Guest – Al Bataglia “96 Niche Columbarium” Memorial Lutheran Church, Afton, MN.  Al Bataglia met with the church council and reviewed the preliminary budget pricing and details of adding a Columbarium to the Memorial Lutheran Church Cemetery grounds.  A handout, from the representative (Gary Gertken) of Cold Spring MN, is attached to these minutes.  

Approval of Agenda / Minutes

Motion:  Elise Winter moved to accept the April 25, 2017 agenda as written. Second by Jill Chezik.  Motion Carried.

Motion:  Mike Miller moved to approve the March 21, 2017, minutes with the following correction:  Council Absent: Marit Bjork NOT Staff Absent:  Marit Bjork as printed.   Second by Cathy Muckala.  Motion Carried.               

Pastor Elizabeth Damico Report

Pastoral Acts  (see written hand out) a copy is on file with these minutes

  1. Strawberry Festival – June 24 – Council discussion regarding menu, cost, Village of Afton road construction, rotating leadership every couple years, etc.   Further information at the May meeting.

  2. Worship Schedule / Listening Session – a letter will be going out, to the congregation, from the church council, prior to the May council meeting, updating the congregation on “What we heard at the Listening Sessions”

  3. Pastor meeting with another Lutheran church group (who has invited Memorial to join them)  regarding a possible trip to Guatemala in 2018


Faith Formation, Nick Bannon

  • May 7 – Faith Formation Sunday

  • May 21 – Confirmation

  • Vacation Bible School (upcoming)

  • All Youth Gathering – Dallas, TX (100% Fund Raising)

President:  Marit Bjork

  • Marit shared the experience she had at the Synod sponsored “Tool Kit.”  This is a yearly event and congregational leaders are encouraged to attend.  The details for this event usually come out in January or February.

  • Marit passed around a sheet for sign up asking council members if they would write a short article for the “Council Corner” of the church Newsletter

Vice President – Jill Chezik

Motion: Jill Chezik moved to accept the approval of the “Staff Support Policy and Procedure” contract as written and reviewed by Pastor Elizabeth Damico, Jill Chezik and Mike Miller.  Second by Cathy Muckala.  Motion carried.

Mike Miller, Treasurer – Mike Miller

  • Mike reviewed the Treasurer’s report and it is on file with these minutes

  • Audit Committee will be meeting the end of April.  Members:  Mike Miller,  Carole Clymer, Cheryl Mackereth and Deb Vogt

Non-Designated Benevolence Funds – Elise Winter

Elise reviewed the 10 X 10 Resolution – a motion made at the 2011 Annual Meeting. .  Elise will review further and will update the council of her findings at the May council meeting on distribution of funds regarding the Non Designated Benevolence.

Motion to Adjourn – Marit Bjork moved to adjourn the meeting.  Second by Barbara Twisk.  Motion carried.

  • Agenda items for the May 16, 2017 council meeting are due to Kathy Brooks / Marit Bjork   no later than May 14, 2017

  • Devotion / Treat – May 16 – Cathy Muckala

  • Motion – If you or someone from your committee is bringing a motion forward, please have it printed, and ready to hand to the church council secretary