I’m new!

Whether at work, school, or church, we've all been new at some point in our lives. Being new can be a source of anxiety, but here at Memorial, we want to make this as welcoming and low-stress as we possibly can.

Worship is at 9:30 am each Sunday, but there's a lot more than that going on at Memorial.

We're located right on top of the hill overlooking Afton and the St. Croix River.

15730 S Afton Blvd.

Afton, MN 55001


When you arrive on a Sunday morning, we've got greeters right inside the door to welcome you, and to answer any immediate questions you might have.

Coffee and tea are available before worship in the fellowship hall (to the left when you enter the church). Didn't get a chance to finish your cup? That's OK, bring it with you to worship.

Free nursery services for young children are provided beginning at 9:15 am each Sunday and lasting through our education hour. The nursery is located downstairs, just below the sanctuary, allowing easy access for any parents that might need to check on, or drop off, children during the service. We also have a separate room in the rear of the sanctuary that provides a place for parents to take children who might need a slight break from service, or just need to move around for a little bit.

When you enter the sanctuary (to the right when you enter the church), ushers will be waiting to greet you and provide our worship bulletins. If you would like an activity bag for any child(ren), please ask the ushers. The ushers can also providing hearing assistants as needed--simply ask.

Please use the menu links for more information about our services, our history and membership.


There are a number of activities and events that take place throughout the week at Memorial. Please visit the Fellowship, Service, Music and Education pages, as well as the events calendar for more information.

We host boy scouts on Monday nights, kettle bell classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and AA on Saturday mornings. For more information about any of these community groups, or with any other questions, please contact the church office, 651-436-1138.